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Microsoft SharePoint™ Integration

Microsoft SharePoint has over one-hundred million licenses in place and its adoption continues to grow globally. In 2007 an IDC survey of 300 companies found 61% were deploying SharePoint enterprise-wide, and that 28% of those using SharePoint in specific departments were expected to expand usage to the enterprise within the next 12 months.

With that kind of adoption and penetration across so many industries, it is impossible to ignore the impact that SharePoint is having as a portal for information and document sharing, both internally and externally.

Our CastTHAT strategy is to continuously develop useful and innovative solutions for our clients. At present, our experience providing formatted outputs using technologies that inherently work with Microsoft SharePoint features, such as RSS and XML is fully realized. Templates can be used in CastTHAT that output data that SharePoint can use without any special coding or development. We also look forward to our own development plans which include an integral CastTHAT web part to make contribution even easier.


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