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Can CastTHAT be used for Spam?

No. CastTHAT is not in the business of sending out email. CastTHAT is a tool for the creation of content and content management.

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). CastTHAT as used for email newsletters, announcements, promotional messages, and real-time updates that are sent using one's own personal email account assumes the same privileges as any email send from one's own personal email account.

If a CastTHAT account is customized to include a direct relationship with a third-party provider of email distribution services, CastTHAT requires that the third-party company be in accordance with CAN-SPAM act of 2003 as well as be members in good standing with ESPC and MAAWG.

Me/My Company are proficient building documents manually, why should I use CastTHAT?

Producing similar outputs manually means you are placing the text in place, formatting it, sourcing any images, processing the images, uploading with FTP software, and hosting in a public web space that only a few people have access to.

This software was created by those who well-knew and wished to improve upon the manual process — Especially with regards to changes as each modification, regardless of how minor, would require a repeat of every step.

It is our aim to expand this section as questions come in. We do not wish to fill it with information that isn't demanded on a regular basis; so if you have a question not addressed here, please use our contact form and we'll be very happy to get back to you!

Privacy Policy

CastTHAT uses strict measures to protect the loss, misuse, abuse, and alteration of files stored on our servers. We have detailed logs of events that occur. In the event of modification of any critical files, serviecs will be shutdown and an administrator alerted. Account Information is password-protected for your privacy and security.

IP Address:
An Internet Protocol ("IP") address is a number assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. CastTHAT may record the IP addresses of visitors to its Website. While an IP address may reveal your ISP or geographic area, we cannot determine your identity solely based upon your IP address.

If you have questions or suggestions about this privacy statement, or your own personal information, please contact us.